Shiv Sena targets BJP over political storm in Rajasthan

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MUMBAI: Attacking the BJP over the political crisis in Rajasthan, the Shiv Sena on Tuesday accused the NDA constituent of working to destabilise governments of its opponents and encouraging horse-trading in the Congress-ruled state.
An editorial in Sena mouthpiece 'Saamana' asked the BJP what is it going to achieve with this political misadventure in the "desert", and said such moves will turn the country's parliamentary democracy into a desert.
Rajasthan is home to Thar desert, which is also partly spread in states like Gujarat, Punjab and Haryana.
The Ashok Gehlot government in Rajasthan is facing rough weather with his deputy Sachin Pilot declaring open rebellion against him.
Pilot has claimed the Gehlot government is in minority and that he has support of 30 Congress MLAs in the 200-member state Assembly.
"The central power is working to destabilise (the state) governments of its opponents, the Shiv Sena alleged.
The country is facing problems like a coronavirus- triggered collapse of the economy and "Chinese intrusion" in Ladakh. The killings of 20 Indian soldiers in a face-off with Chinese troops in Galwan Valley is still afresh, it said.
Instead of solving these issues, the BJP is interfering in the internal bickering of the Congress and "encouraging horse-trading" in Rajasthan, the Sena alleged.
What is the BJP going to achieve with this political misadventure, by causing a storm in the desert? Such steps will rather turn the parliamentary democracy into a desert," the Uddhav Thackeray-led party said.
"The BJP is ruling the entire country (is in power at the Centre). They should leave some states for opponents (to rule). That will be the pride of democracy, it said.
The Shiv Sena said it was being anticipated that the Rajasthan government would be destabilised after the BJP allegedly brought down the Kamal Nath regime in Madhya Pradesh earlier this year.
Former Union minister Jyotiraditya Scindia had quit the Congress and joined the BJP along with his 22-supporter MLAs in Madhya Pradesh. It was predicted that Pilot would also go the Scindia way and it seems to be happening, the Marathi publication observed.
With Pilot claiming that the Gehlot government is in minority, the Shiv Sena said the future of the Congress dispensation in Rajasthan, however, will be decided only on the floor of the House.
It said Gehlots allegation that Congress MLAs are being offered Rs 25 crore each to switch loyalties is a serious one.
It is also mysterious that raids are being carried out on properties of legislators supporting the Rajasthan chief minister, the Shiv Sena said.
It accused Scindia of working hard to see that Pilot quits the Congress.
"Pilots hatred for Gehlot" is destabilising the Rajasthan government, the Shiv Sena alleged, and charged the BJP with supporting the deputy chief minister in this bid.

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