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Shilpa Shinde has shared screenshots of her e-mails and WhatsApp conversations with Gangs of Filmistan producers, claiming that they are spreading lies about her in the media.

tv Updated: Sep 04, 2020 10:28 IST

Shilpa Shinde recently quit Gangs of Filmistan, produced by Preeti Simoes. Shilpa Shinde recently quit Gangs of Filmistan, produced by Preeti Simoes.

Television actor Shilpa Shinde recently quit comedy show Gangs of Filmistan, alleging actor Sunil Grover of taking over all scenes and accusing the producers of maintaining an unhealthy work environment. On Thursday, she shared screenshots of e-mails and text messages she exchanged with the producers to shed more light on the controversy.

Sharing the e-mails, Shilpa told producers Preeti and Neeti Simoes to ‘stop telling lies’ about her. She said that working long hours on the show’s sets during the Covid-19 pandemic was dangerous for her health. Shilpa even said that she had begun to develop symptoms for the disease.

“Stop telling lies as I had already e-mail you on 29th Aug 2020 regarding my issues & wanted to end this matter on happy note & you have replied too. I’ve also received flowers & a note stating ‘Get well soon and missing you at the sets’. Hence kindly stop this drama. I’ve been unwell while shooting at your sets and currently have COVID symptoms. No one is paying for this but only I have to face... So atleast what you could do is not to spread that you are trying to contact me and all. It is a male dominated comedy, I suppose everyone would agree. I don’t understand why are you claiming to have called me again and again. After this bitterness, I doubt I would be able to do a comedy show with you. So let’s not aggravate the situation then what it is already or else let’s end this on positive note. P.S. Screenshot of Mail Sent on 29th Aug 2020,” she said.

Shilpa later shared screenshots of her WhatsApp chats and even the script of one of the show’s episodes. The chat shows Preeti telling Shilpa that she is not a team player or a perfect person. She said that before speaking to the media, Shilpa should have seen the first cut of the episode to make sure if her part was indeed cut out in favour of Sunil.

“THE POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK” Suits on you Dear Preeti/ Neeti Simoes @preeti_simoes @neeti_simoes Have some shame Preeti/Neeti Simoes,” she wrote in the caption of her post. Shilpa said that Preeti is asking her not to share screenshots of their conversation but is putting out screenshots of her own by hiding Shilpa’s replies.

The episode’s script shows no mention of Sunil Grover, however, a fan pointed out in the comments that the final episode features Sunil prominently. In an earlier interview to Pinkvilla, Shilpa had said that Sunil treated her like a junior artist on the show. “He has treated me like junior artists. You should see the telecast to see how much of a role I have. Sunil Ji just needs a prop, a beautiful girl standing beside them and that is why they used me.” She added, “I am sorry but Sunil Grover has not given any hit in a solo show. Tell me what hit show he gave?”

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Refuting her claims, Preeti told Spotboye in an interview, “It is a live stage set-up and not a normal daily soap that you will follow line to line. I would say as the rest of the cast are professionals, who are doing it for so many years, she might find it difficult but she has been so good that this actually never came across that she was uncomfortable with the role she was given or with any line. I think her reaction for not being seen on the show has come a little premature as she has not seen the show.”

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