"Share Your Pain": Rahul Gandhi Shares Virus-Hit Journalist's SOS Video

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 Rahul Gandhi Shares Virus-Hit Journalist's SOS Video

Coronavirus: Ajay Jha hit out at the Delhi government and said everything was left to God.

New Delhi:

Rahul Gandhi today shared an SOS video of a journalist in Delhi who claims that his entire family has tested positive for coronavirus and two persons have died. The journalist , a father of two young children, alleges in the distressing video that the body of a family member was picked up by the authorities from his home after a long time.

"For the millions of my sisters and brothers like Ajay, we share your pain. We will do everything to protect you. We will overcome this together," the Congress MP tweeted, sharing the video of journalist, Ajay Jha.

— Rahul Gandhi (@RahulGandhi) June 9, 2020

In the video, the journalist, who is in home quarantine, says he and his family were in great difficulty.

"Everyone is (virus) positive in my house - my wife, my two daughters - In 10 days, two have died. My wife's father died and two days ago, her mother also died in this house. The body was kept for a long time, but no one picked it up. The ambulance came," Mr Jha says in the video apparently shot on his mobile phone.

He hit out at the Delhi government and said everything was left to God.

"Everyone is passing the buck. Arvind Kejriwal and the government are claiming everything is being done but in reality nothing is being done. Everyone is in God's hands. My family and I are in great difficulty. If people can help - I have two small children, 9 and 5. My wife is completely shattered - I am trying to be brave. But I need help, I need treatment."

The call for help emerged as the Delhi government spoke about a surge in virus cases in the capital and suggested that at least 50 per cent cases could not be traced to any source.

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said going by the doubling rate of 12.6, Delhi would have 5.5 lakh COVID-19 cases by July 31 and would need 80,000 hospital beds.

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