Sahara plume to reach eastern United States this weekend

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June 26 (UPI) -- A large dust plume from across the ocean is expected to arrive in the United States this weekend, covering areas from New York, through the Atlantic coast to Texas.

While the cloud will not produce low-level dust clouds that severely affect visibility, called a haboob, it could still create problems with those suffering from respiratory problems. The dust could cause sinus issues, itchy eyes, along with symptoms affecting the nose and throat.

Earlier satellite images showed how the plume was spanning the Atlantic Ocean from one continent to the other.

"The Saharan dust will overtake entire states," CNN meteorologist Tyler Mauldin said. "Even southern Illinois and Ohio may get into the mix. That's how far north it could get pulled up."

The dust layers could reach the Southeast and Gulf Coast area in the coming days because of higher pressure there with dense concentrations around the Caribbean. Parts of Texas, Louisiana, Alabama and Florida could see milky skies and an enhanced sunset during this evening.

The plume has been thick enough to cause the Barbados Meteorological Services to issue a "Severe Dust Haze Warning" for residents, alerting residents to expect reduced visibility and potential respiratory problems.

The good news about the plume is meteorologists often call them temporary "hurricane killers" because the dry layers often sap a lot of moisture needed for fuel such storms, keeping tropical weather activity at bay.

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