Sachin Pilot changes Twitter bio

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Sachin Pilot

changed his Twitter bio on Tuesday, moments after he was sacked from the post of Rajasthan deputy chief minister and state president of the party. His altered bio does not mention his previous affiliations with the Congress party.
Pilot's current Twitter bio only mentions that he is the MLA from Tonk and former minister of IT, telecom and corporate affairs. He has 2.3 million followers on the microblogging platform.

Pilot was sacked from his posts after a political tussle with Rajasthan CM

Ashok Gehlot

. In his first tweet since the political crisis began in the desert state, Pilot wrote, "Satya ko pareshan kiya ja sakta hai, parajit nahin (The truth can be harassed, not defeated)."
The crisis in Rajasthan also became a subject of debate and discussion on Twitter in India, with #SachinPilot (51.9k) and #RajasthanPoliticalCrisis (67.6K) emerging as the top trends.
Congress politician Sanjay Jha posted from his verified Twitter handle, “For five years Sachin Pilot gave his blood, tears, toil and sweat for the Congress party between 2013-18. The Congress came back from a wretched 21 seats to 100. We just gave him a performance bonus. We are so meritocratic. We are so transparent.”

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