Rice procurement from Punjab resumes after 25 days

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LUDHIANA: In ending of a deadlock between about 4500 rice millers of


and Food Corporation of India (FCI) after supplies of rice from millers were halted from past few days after


directed businessmen to blend 1 percent fortified rice into custom milled rice, the supplies have resumed from today.
The compromise has been stuck with the efforts of Rashtriya Sheller Sangh as representatives of the organisation from past few days had been conducting marathon meetings with FCI officials, centre government and state government to resolve the situation.
Notably ever since FCI's new directions the supplies of rice were halted as rice millers had been alleging they do not have adequate infrastructure for blending of fortified rice and neither do they have any agreement with the state government.
Meanwhile giving more information , Rohit Aggarwal, president of Rashtriya Sheller Sangh said , "Being responsible citizens of India and to fulfil the requirements of the pilot project of Prime minister of India Narendra Modi , the millers of Punjab agreed out of the way to supply fortified rice for the poor people for better nutrition and health and supplies have started from today. Rice millers of Punjab were in deep trouble with the stalling of acceptance of custom milled rice by FCI for the last 25 days. The reason being midway course correction by centre Government for the supply of fortified rice to improve the nutritional value of rice supplied under PDS throughout India".
Aggarwal also added, "Since there was no agreement between the millers and the state government and non availability of blending machines, Fortified rice kernels and bardana, 4500 rice mills came to a grinding halt ,thereby effecting the livelihood of millers, labourers and the allied industry. To resolve this problem Rashtria sheller Sangh under the patronage of Col Sameer Dwivedi , Sonu Garg and Abhinandan who took the initiative to fulfil the requirements of both the government and millers of Punjab. Several rounds of meetings and interactions were held with authorities of the centre and the state under the able guidance of Minister of state

Som Parkash

and secretary food Sudhanshu Pandey".
"We would also like to thank union minister

Piyush Goel

for restarting the acceptance of both fortified rice and normal


for the central pool. Rashtria sheller Sangh assures both state and central govt that millers of Punjab are always there for the service of the nation in the need of the hour" added Aggarwal.

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