Recovery rate at 54%, govt credits better management

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NEW DELHI: With more than 2

lakh patients

cured of Covid-19 so far, India’s recovery rate has increased to 53.79%, even as the total Covid count rose to over 3.80 lakh.
The Centre said with rising recoveries, the gap between



recovered cases

is increasing steadily, indicating better clinical management.
“The trend in the

daily numbers

shows an increasing rate of recovery, and an increasing gap between active and recovered cases. The increase in the proportion of recovered cases is a demonstration of India’s strategy of timely management of Covid-19,” a

health ministry official

With the 10,386 recovered from Covid-19 in the last 24 hours, the total number of recovered patients is now 2,04,710. Currently, there are 1,63,248 active cases under medical supervision.
Maharashtra, which has roughly a third of all infections in India, logged the highest number of absolute recoveries at 60,838 till Friday. It was followed by Tamil Nadu at 28,641 and Delhi at 21,341.
The health ministry said the lockdown provided a breathing space for the government to ramp up testing facilities and health infrastructure which ensured improved recovery rate by timely detection and clinical management of Covid-19 cases. This increasing gap is thus a result of the timely, graded, pre-emptive approach of the government to contain Covid-19 and its implementation by countless front-line workers, it said.

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