Realme brings magnetic wireless charging system to Android phones; launches 6 new products

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Realme MagDart

technology is now official. The BBK-owned consumer technology brand has become the first company to bring support for magnetic wireless charging systems to Android phones. Taking on


directly, Realme is claiming that its


wireless charging technology is faster than Apple’s


system that works for the latest iPhone 12 series.
Realme in a statement said that it’s new 15W MagDart Charger is “26.4% thinner than the MagSafe Charger”, but it is still faster than MagSafe due to its “Separated Coil & Board design”. MagDart can “charge a 4500mAh battery from 0 to 100% in 90 mins, much faster than the rival product,” it claimed.
Realme launched a range of MagDart accessories and the lineup includes two types of MarDart chargers, a power bank, a wallet, a beauty light and a case. Here’s a look at all the products in detail:
Realme 50W MagDart Charger
Touted as the world’s fastest 50W magnetic wireless charger, this device features an active air cooling system that is said to keep the mainboard and coil temperatures at a reasonable level. The fan placed in the charger is claimed to remove heat by drawing a large airflow in order to maintain the charging power at a high level for a longer time.
Realme 15W MagDart Charger
This is a relatively smaller device — claimed to be 26.4% thinner than the Apple MagSafe Charger. It is 3.9mm in thickness. Realme claims that it is faster than Apple’s MagSafe due to its ‘separated coil and board design.’
2-in-1 MagDart Power Bank
While the basic power bank can be attached to the smartphone for simple carry on purposes, there is an additional accessory — charging base — with the Realme MagDart Power Bank that makes it turn into a vertical charging station. How it works is that the phone gets charged from the power bank, and the base at the same time charges the power bank.
Realme MagDart Beauty Light
For selfie lovers, Realme has introduced MagDart Beauty Light. It can be connected to the phone via MagDart and powered via smartphone reverse charging to give an extra flashlight when taking selfies.
Realme MagDart wallet
The Realme MagDart is big enough to hold three standard credit cards. The MagDart wallet provides a kickstand to hold the phone up as well.
Realme GT MagDart Charging Case
Designed for Realme GT smartphones, this case can make the handset compatible with MagDart technology. This case connects through the Type-C connector and allows the phone to be charged wirelessly.
Realme MagDart availability
Realme has not said anything about the date of release, pricing or even regional availability of any of these products.

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