Ram Vilas Paswan: A man who bridged political divisions

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A nine-time member of Lok Sabha, Ram Vilas Paswan remained a prominent leader in national politics for over four decades.


1946: Born in Bihar’s Khagaria district

1969: Elected to Bihar assembly as a member of the Samyukta Socialist Party

1974: Became general secretary of the Lok Dal

1975: Arrested during Emergency and spent the entire period in jail

1977: Became member of Janata Party and won election to Lok Sabha with a record margin from Hajipur

1983: Established the Dalit Sena, an organisation for the emancipation and welfare of Dalits

1989: Appointed Union minister of labour and welfare in the VP Singh government.

1996: Became Union railway minister

2000: Broke from Janata Dal to form Lok Janshakti Party (LJP).

2002: Quit the National Democratic Alliance

2004: Joined United Progressive Alliance government and appointed Union minister of chemicals and fertilizers and steel.

2005: LJP emerged kingmaker in Bihar elections but after months of President’s Rule, fails to perform well.

2009: Lost elections from Hajipur for first time in 33 years.

2014: Elected to Lok Sabha from Hajipur while his son Chirag won from Jamui. Appointed minister of consumer affairs

2019: Elected to Rajya Sabha

Tributes pour in:


I am saddened beyond words. There is a void in our nation that will perhaps never be filled. Shri Ram Vilas Paswan Ji’s demise is a personal loss. I have lost a friend, valued colleague and someone who was extremely passionate to ensure every poor person leads a life of dignity.


In the demise of Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan, the nation has lost a visionary leader. He was among the most active and longest-serving members of parliament. He was the voice of the oppressed, and championed the cause of the marginalized


I am pained by the death of our beloved Ram Vilas Paswan ji, who always fought for the welfare of the poor and the underprivileged. In his political life, he always prioritized national interest and public welfare. In his death, a void has been created in Indian politics


I am devastated by the untimely death of Ram Vilas. The unbroken ties of the past 45 years and the social and political fights we waged together is flashing before my eyes. You left too soon.


I am personally pained by the passing of central minister and popular politician Ram Vilas Paswan ji. His death has irreparably damaged Indian politics. May god rest his soul.


Pained by the news of Ram Vilas Paswan ji’s untimely death. The poor and Dalit sections have lost a strong political voice today.

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