Rajya Sabha Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu urges new members to make good use of opportunity

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Rajya Sabha

Chairman M

Venkaiah Naidu

on Saturday urged the newly-elected members of the

Upper House

to make good use of the opportunity of contributing to the transformation of the country over the next six years.
He reminded the new members that it is an honour to be in Rajya Sabha, an institution founded on the principle of federalism that guides lawmaking and governance in the country.
In his message of felicitations on


to the 61 members from 20 states, Naidu said, "The 61 members, representing as many as 20 political parties, besides Independents, highlights the diversity of our polity and at the same time our resolute sense of unity of purpose and action."
"The elected represent a healthy mix of veterans and first-timers to the House, all bound by solemn commitment to the transformation of our country and make the 21st century as India's. I fondly hope that all the elected make good use of this opportunity over the next 6 years," he said.
Extending a warm welcome to them, Naidu hoped to meet all of them at the earliest and wished them success in their endeavours to contribute their bit to the transformation of the nation.

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