Rajasthan, Gujarat crisis only for a few seats in RS: former MP LOP Ajay Singh

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BHOPAL: In a joint press conference by

former LOP Ajay Singh

and former minister Sajjan Singh Verma, the Congress on Thursday said chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s viral video will be taken by the party to the people’s court along with law courts. As the state prepares for bypolls in 24 seats, chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s viral video has come as a political weapon for

the Congress party

“All options are open before us now, we will take to issue not only to the law courts but also to the people’s court,” Ajay Singh said about the video in which Chouhan is heard allegedly saying that the

Kamal Nath government

was toppled after instructions from the

BJP central leadership

Ajay Singh cautioned that what happened in Madhya Pradesh in March is now being repeated in Rajasthan where Congress chief minister

Ashok Gehlot

has shifted his party MLAs to a resort and alleged that legislators are being offered Rs 25 crore to shift loyalties to the BJP. “The Rajasthan chief minister has said there is a conspiracy to destabilise his government while in Gujarat three MLAs have shifted to the BJP,” Ajay Singh said.
The LOP cautioned that what happened in Madhya Pradesh is March, can happen in Rajasthan. “The BJP can do anything, it’s a new form of dictatorship. All this is for some seats in the

Rajya Sabha

. What Shivraj Singh Chouhan said this week was claimed by Kailash Vijayvargiya a month after the Congress government came to power. Vijayvargiya had said, the day boss gives an indication the Congress government will be toppled.

Gopal Bhargava

as leader of Opposition gave the same statement that BJP would bring down the Congress government when orders came from the two top bosses of the BJP,” the former LOP said.
Congress claimed that the “purchase and sale of MLAs” is making the BJP governments ignore the plight of the common man. “Migrant labourers walked for hundreds of kilometres with little children and the government is not bothered. Why? Because under this new form of dictatorship, the common man has no say. Votes of the common man have no meaning as the BJP opens its treasury to destabilise democratically elected governments,” Singh added.
Former minister Sajjan Singh Verma recalled Chouhan’s speech in the viral video. “Chouhan said that BJP central leadership wanted the Congress government toppled or else everything the state would be destroyed. What destruction did the Kamal Nath government do? Did allocation of Rs 350 crore for upgradation of Mahakaal temple in Ujjain cause destruction? Does stopping the tradition of bar dancers in Indore, a matter of destruction of the state? Didi action against sand, land and adulteration mafia amount in destruction of Madhya Pradesh?”
Verma claimed that all the mafia and alleged illegal activities that grew during the 15-years of BJP rule was stopped and those involved were put behind bars by the Kamal Nath government. “I am shocked today when I saw a picture of a lady police officer selling liquor in the newspapers,” Verma. “The BJP government is selling liquor at shops.”

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