Rajasthan dist floods canal to check migrant flow

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Sri Ganganagar district released 450 cusecs of water into the canal to stop migrants from crossing it.

JAIPUR: In order to keep its Covid count under check, the

Sri Ganganagar district

administration used a “one-of-its-kind” method to stop the flow of

unscreened migrants

into Rajasthan from neighbouring Punjab and Haryana through an abandoned


that winds its way into the district.
The administration has simply released 450 cusecs of water into 8km stretch of the canal, which is now bursting at its seams. This 8km stretch was being used by migrants to enter the state.

The move

to release water in the first week of April into the Gang Link Canal proved to be “very effective”.
The move to release the water into the canal ensured that Sri Ganganagar district’s corona count remained zero till May 20 as the move shut the entry gate of the migrants. To date, the district has registered only 19 positive cases, of which 17 are migrant workers (15 from Delhi and two from Mumbai).
The step was taken after hundreds of migrants were found entering into Rajasthan from the neighbouring states using the abandoned canal. Even migrants from Delhi chose the route to enter the state and then move on to their native districts.
An 8km stretch of the 76km canal, which borders Punjab, was being used by the migrants. People from Haryana too used the same route. “Had we not released the water, we would have ended up deploying hundreds of police personnel and other essential logistics to check the movement of migrants,” he said.

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