Rajasthan crisis may give BJP more ammo to target Cong ‘dynasty’

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NEW DELHI: The removal of Sachin Pilot as deputy CM of Rajsthan and state Congress chief on Tuesday after his rebellion against the Gehlot government is likely to bolster BJP’s claim that the opposition party is only defined by the Gandhi-Nehru family which doesn’t want any other party member to grow and become a threat to

Rahul Gandhi

The crisis for Congress in Rajasthan unfolded at a time when there has been clamour within sections of the party for Rahul’s return as party chief as Sonia Gandhi is set to complete one year as interim president on August 10.
Rajasthan political crisis: Live updates
Even if

Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot

survives for now, the rebellion by the Pilot camp could come as a major gain for BJP as the government will be critically dependent on Independents and sundry parties and thus remain vulnerable.

It is likely to also strengthen BJP’s arguments the hold of the Gandhi-Nehru family over the Grand Old Party is diminishing by the day with most of the

younger leaders unhappy

with the leadership and making their anger public while even exploring “better” political future for themselves.
As Congress seems to have shut the doors for Pilot after sacking him and two of his loyalists, all eyes are on his next move amid speculation whether he would follow Jyotiraditya Scindia’s footsteps. Departure of


, who joined BJP and is now a member of Rajya Sabha, had led to the fall of the Kamal Nath government in Madhya Pradesh barely a few months back.
Scindia’s exit was followed by several others like Tom Vadakkan and Swati Chaturvedi while some others like Sanjay Nirupam and Sanjay Jha are said to be sulking.

BJP vice president Uma Bharti on Tuesday attributed Sachin Pilot's rebellion to "humiliation" within Congress.
Bharti alleged that Rahul Gandhi was responsible for "destruction" of Congress and held the Gandhi family responsible for the crisis in Rajasthan.
"He (Rahul Gandhi) insults and humiliates young leaders (in his party) due to envy. He is unable to tolerate brilliant young leaders. So these leaders are left with no option but to confront and fight," she said.

Although most of BJP functionaries have openly sympathised with Pilot for being denied the CM’s chair despite crafting the party’s victory in the assembly polls as state unit chief, they are still uncertain how far Pilot can go with the


party quite short of the magical number to unseat Gehlot. They might well have to wait for the strike till Pilot gathers the critical mass and goes full throttle.
However, Union minister Gajendra Singh hinted about the party's comfort if Pilot decides to join the saffron camp, saying, “Any leader with mass following will be welcome.”

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