Raj youth forced to drink urine over affair

11 months ago 55
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JODHPUR: A 22-year-old youth in Sirohi was subjected to abject humiliation and made to drink urine for allegedly having an


with a girl of his own community. Self-appointed angry panchs of his


allegedly tortured and beat him up for not conforming to the community laws. The victim and accused all belong to the


The assault occurred around five days ago in Sirohi’s Paldi M area, but the police took cognizance only after a video of the atrocity of community panchs on the youth went viral on Tuesday. The video showed the boy surrounded by a group of men thrashing him and making him drink water from shoes. Later, he was forced to drink urine from a bottle. Police detained six people and handed them over to


police, where the case against the community panchs has been registered.

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