Raj CM: Spl operation group to investigate bid to topple govt

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JAIPUR: Accusing BJP of hatching a conspiracy to topple his government with lucrative offers to Congress MLAs ahead of the Rajya Sabha elections, Rajasthan chief minister

Ashok Gehlot

said on Thursday that the allegations are now being investigated by the state’s special operation group (SOG).
Gehlot, however, refused to disclose names of those behind the toppling game, allegedly involving transfer of money for horse trading.
“Democracy is being destroyed by

PM Narendra Modi and

Amit Shah at a time when the country is fighting coronavirus,” said Gehlot at a press conference attended by

deputy CM Sachin Pilot

and other senior party members.
“What happened in Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh is known to all. Now, it is being tried here in Rajasthan. If BJP leaders are calling up Congress and Independent MLAs, what should we call this,” said Gehlot.
He said the charge of poaching Congress MLAs is now being probed by the SOG, following a complaint by party chief whip

Mahesh Joshi

Asked about Pilot’s statement that he received no complaint regarding horse trading, Gehlot asserted that he was the CM and if something had come to his notice, it must have come from a reliable source.

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