Rahul Gandhi targeting North Indian voters: Dharmendra Pradhan

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AGRA: Union Petroleum and natural gas and steel minister Dharmendra


has said that instead of accepting his rejection by the people,



Rahul Gandhi

was targeting the North Indian population by comparing them with their counterparts in the South.
“Gandhi’s four generations did politics at the centre after contesting elections from UP but when people rejected them, he has gone against them,” he said, while speaking with the media in


on Thursday.
While laying the foundation stone of a training and rehabilitation centre for handicapped children, Pradhan said "It is absolutely wrong to compare

North India

with South. This shows his mentality. He forgot that one of the largest state of the country— UP is in bad shape because of them.”
Pradhan was responding to a query on Rahul Gandhi’s ‘North-South’ remark in Thiruvananthapuram on Tuesday.
Over the recent hike in fuel prices, Pradhan, said less fuel production by oil rich countries and their seeking more profit is the main reason behind the surge.
“Supply is not being provided as per demand as manufacturing countries are producing less fuel to gain more profit in order to make their economy better,” he said, adding that they are in talks with them.
Defending the taxes imposed on fuel, Pradhan said the centre and

state government

are collecting taxes for development projects that helps create more job opportunities.
The government has also increased its investment as compared to previous year and 32 percent more capital spending will be done, he said.

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