Rahul Gandhi's dialogue with former US diplomat Nicholas Burns: Key points

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NEW DELHI: Continuing with his series of interactions with global industry leaders, Congress leader

Rahul Gandhi

on Friday held a conversation with former

US diplomat Nicholas Burns

on how coronavirus crisis was reshaping the world order. Burns is currently the Professor of Practice of Diplomacy and International Politics at Harvard's John F Kennedy School of Government. He was also the chief negotiator of the India-US nuclear deal.
Here are the key points:
* The reason why our partnership works is because we are a tolerant nation. Our DNA is tolerance. I say this with sadness that I don't see the same tolerance anymore in the US and in India: Rahul Gandhi
* I think you have caught on the core issue, tolerance. In the 1930s to 47-48. We will be back and strengthen our democracy: Burns
* People who portray 'division' as the strength of the country, they are actually weakening the country: RG
* Trump wraps himself in the flag and says only he can solve the problems. I would say in many ways he is an authoritarian: Burns
* I see how the US worked with Japan and the Koreas. But I no longer see that cooperation coming from the US anymore. We don't look at the US for regional idea. We are look to the US for a bigger idea: RG
* You are right. We are looking for a big idea and it will come: Burns
* We are not looking for a conflict with China. We differ in our ideologies: Burns
* The most important battle for us, India and the US, is to bring back our countries back to the time before this aggressive approach. To come back to the table: RG
* There is something in the world which is making people more insulated. They don't feel like cooperating instead leaders are taking unilateral decisions. In this time of crisis, US and China are not able to come together. I see similar pattern in the Europe. People are scared in this pandemic: RG

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