Punjab farmers vie with each other for local labour

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AMRITSAR: Apart from bringing back farm labourers from

Uttar Pradesh



for paddy transplantation,




are now making offers to local workers with paddy transplantation experience and even competing with each other on who gives a better renumeration.
This is because many of these farmers continue to face labour shortage and are still not enthusiastic about mechanised paddy transplantation, fearing poor yield. “Many farmers have brought labour from UP, while others are in the process as transplantation season will continue for a month or so,” farm activist Rattan Singh


, told TOI on Tuesday, a day before commencement of paddy transplantation in the state.
Rich farmers with large landholdings can bring farmers from outside Punjab and hire directing seeded rice (DSR) machinery and paddy transplanters, not small farmers, he said.
Sources said local labour having experience of paddy transplantation was in demand this year since a large number of migrants had already left for their villages due to the pandemic. “Some farmers are even competing with each other and are making higher bids to groups of local workers,” sources said.
Zamhuri Kissan Sabha state president Satnam Singh Ajnala said a few farmers brought labour from outside, but most were depending on local labour. He said labour rates had increased from Rs 2,500-Rs 3,000 per acre to Rs 3,000-Rs 3,500 per acre this year, depending on the need of the farmer.

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