PUBG to add special grenade, truck and more to Sanhok map

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In a series of tweets,


has been teasing the new features it plans to add to the game with the July 22 and July 30 updates on PC and console respectively.
The first of the tweets shows an armoured truck in a video clip. And as per the


, getting one for your team won’t be easy.

If you want it you're gonna bleed but it's the price to pay.

— PUBG (@PUBG) 1594450800000

The second one of the tweets says, “In the deep of the Jungle, even your ears can’t be trusted” and comes with a small video clip attached with it. The clip shows a player tossing a hand grenade with a yellow band around it. It is, however, not the usual grenade but one that can be used as a decoy as it emits the sound of gunfire upon exploding. Clearly, the purpose of adding this weapon is to throw the enemy into confusion regarding your location and as such, gain the upper hand. And what better map to use it in than the sylvan


since it is lush green with vegetation and features forest regions suited for camouflage.

In the deep of the Jungle, even your ears can't be trusted.

— PUBG (@PUBG) 1594537200000

The third tweet is a compilation of all the main features to be added to Sanhok with season 8. Apart from the truck and the grenade, it shows new locations that will be added to the map.

I'll write on your tombstone, I thank you for dinner. This game that we animals play is a winner.Return to Sanho…

— PUBG (@PUBG) 1594623633000

Battle royale needs novelty to stay relevant but more than that, it needs shared moments of adrenaline rush in tight situations. Perhaps the new additions to the map will make the game more interesting for the players.

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