Priyanka Gandhi's attack on UP govt: Will only publicity generate employment?

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NEW DELHI: Congress leader

Priyanka Gandhi

Vadra on Saturday hit out at the BJP government in Uttar Pradesh over an employment generation programme launched by Prime Minister

Narendra Modi

, asking whether only "publicity" will create jobs.
Modi on Friday launched the 'Atma nirbhar Uttar Pradesh

Rozgar Abhiyan

' seeking to promote local entrepreneurship with industrial associations to provide employment.
"Yesterday, an employment event was started in UP with a lot of fanfare," Priyanka Gandhi said in a Facebook post.
"Most of the categories of employment mentioned at the event are facing problems. Self-employed people are in tremendous crisis due to lack of direct financial support from the government. The condition of small and medium scale industries is so bad that it is estimated that 62 per cent of


will cut jobs and 78 per cent will cut wages," she said.
In Uttar Pradesh, the condition of chikan industry, woodwork, brass industry, powerloom sector, the carpet industry is also bad, she said.
"Recently, the incidents of suicide by migrant labourers from outside in


are before us. Tragic incidents of suicide have come to light in Kanpur due to financial constraints and lack of employment," she said.
"In such a situation, what is the UP government trying to hide? Will only publicity provide employment?" the Congress general secretary in-charge UP East asked.
Asking on which government portal figures on employment are available, she asked the

Yogi Adityanath

government to come out with the truth.

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