Prasar Bharati has never asked for a seat on the board, says PTI

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With reference to the report ‘


slaps Rs 84 cr bill on PTI for flouting lease agreement’ published in the July 13 edition of TOI, a PTI spokesperson pointed to the following errors: The claim that PTI was being charged for “not paying rent for the

ground floor offices

since 1984” is incorrect. The spokesperson said, “The demand notice has nothing to do with paying rent for ground floor offices. The statement is also illogical since PTI doesn’t pay rent but gets rent from its tenants on the ground floor.”
PTI also denied the claim that India’s

public broadcaster Prasar Bharati

has asked for a seat on the news agency’s board. “As far as we know,

Prasar Bharati

has never asked for a seat on

the PTI board

. In any case, it is not eligible for a seat under the company’s Memorandum and

Articles of Association

, which says only shareholders or independent directors with no financial links to PTI can be on the board. Prasar Bharati does not meet either criteria,” the spokesperson added.

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