PM Narendra Modi owes nation explanation over 'Chinese intrusion', says Chhattisgarh CM

5 months ago 26
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RAIPUR: Chhattisgarh chief minister Bhupesh Baghel on Sunday said Prime Minister

Narendra Modi

owed an explanation to the nation over “Chinese intrusion” saying that he must come clean on whether Chinese companies have donated to the PMCares fund.
“Has his silence anything to do with the funds received from Chinese companies? Is there any secret deal? Why did the PM not name China in his Man Ki Baat programme while referring to intrusion on the border?” He asked a volley of questions at a press conference on Sunday evening.
Referring to reports that the PM Cares fund has received money from Chinese companies, the chief minister said both the defense minister and external affairs minister have admitted that Chinese troops have entered into the

Indian territory

while the prime minister is denying any intrusion. “There are a lot of contradictions.


has come that the Prime Minister must explain to the nation whether China has intruded into our territory and is occupying any part of our land”, he said adding that instead of clarifying these issues the BJP is trying to divert attention by leveling allegations against the Congress.
Reiterating his previous demand for more transparency in the PM Cares fund, the chief minister said the government is yet to make it public the contributions received by the fund. He said the fund so far has reportedly received Rs 9768 crore, including from different Chinese companies.
“ Chinese troops intruded into the territory and carried out construction activities. 20 Indian soldiers have laid down their life on the Indo-China border. Prime Minister’s silence gives rise to suspicion why Chinese companies have made extensive contributions to the fund”, he said.

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