PM Modi's 'Mann ki Baat' highlights: A strong India is necessary for global stability,...

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PM Modi is addressing the nation on his monthly radio programme Mann Ki Baat. This is his 66th address of his monthly radio programme.

Here are the key highlights from his speech:

• PM Modi said there is no reason to believe that the rest of the year 2020 will be as bad as the first half

• PM Modi said India has turned crisis to opportunities of growth ad encouraged the citizens to make the best of 2020 despite the hardships it has presented in the first half of the year.

• PM Modi said India knows how to be friends, but also knows how to look at its enemies in the eye.

• PM Modi highlighted that India and its citizens will not forget the gallant nature and valour of its armed forces. He saluted the army men for their sacrifices in Galwan Valley and said that the armed personnel did not allow anybody to tarnish the glory of Mother India.

• People’s participation is necessary for any movement and he also congratulated a citizen from Assam and from Tamil Nadu as they vowed to be vocal about local products.

• India needs to be strong to forge global peace and unity, said PM Modi.

• PM Modi said that as the nation is unlocking citizens need to be more alert. He advised citizens to maintain social distance, wash their hands and maintain personal hygiene in order to defeat coronavirus.

• The coal industry has also undergone a phase of unlocking said PM Modi. PM Modi said that this unlocking of the coal sector will help spur growth.

• ‘Our migrant labourers have achieved remarkable feats and we have heard stories of human excellence that inspires us to fight the pandemic’, said PM Modi.

• ‘Pandemic has taught us to value life, our familial relations and helped us rediscover ourselves’, says PM.

• ‘We need to promote India’s indoor games and we need help startups which will promote India’s indoor games. It is necessary to help India’s traditional games and step aside slightly from playing other online games as we try to be vocal about local in these fields as well’, says PM.

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