PM Modi pitches India as ‘trusted’ business partner at US-India Strategic Partnership Forum

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivers a special keynote address at US-India Strategic Partnership Forum's 3rd ...Read More

NEW DELHI: Making a strong pitch for India being a “trusted” economic partner, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday invited US businesses to “join India’s journey” out of the pandemic. India had received $20 billion of foreign investment this year with companies like Google, Amazon and Mubadala announcing long-term plans, he said.
In comments read in the context of unease in many parts of the world over China’s aggressive behaviour during the Covid-19 crisis, Modi said, “This pandemic has shown the world that the decision on developing global supply chains should be based not only on costs. They should also be based on trust. Along with affordability of geography, companies are now also looking for reliability and policy stability. India is the location which has all of these qualities.”

Addressing the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum through video conference, the PM, who has spoken of India’s “trust factor” earlier too, brought in the “atmanirbhar (self reliant)” campaign as well. He said the campaign merged local with global and ensured India's strengths acted as a global force multiplier.
Modi’s remarks were not only intended to make a case for investment but also to position India as a rule-based player. “As a result, India is also becoming one of the leading attractions for foreign investment. Be it America or the Gulf, be it Europe or Australia — the world believes in us. We have received over $20 billion of foreign investment flows during this year. Google, Amazon and Mubadala Investments have announced long-term plans for India,” he said.
Responding to questions about whether ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ implied a return to 1970s era socialism, Modi said, “Despite our large local needs, we did not shy away from our global responsibility. The responsibility of being the world's leading producer of generic medicines. We ensured constant supplies to the world. We are also at the forefront of research on the vaccine for Covid-19. A self-reliant and peaceful India ensures a better world.”
The PM also said India had responded strongly to the Covid-19 challenge, ramping up infrastructure and ensuring proper clinical management of patients which, in turn, meant India had a low rate of infection and low mortality rate.

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