PM Modi in Tamil Nadu: Oppn netas want to grab office to fill their pockets

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Narendra Modi. (ANI Photo)

COIMBATORE/PUDUCHERRY: Promising to give “governance with compassion”, Prime Minister

Narendra Modi



’s election campaign from Coimbatore in

Tamil Nadu

on Thursday with a strident attack on the DMK-Congress combine branding them as corrupt parties that cannot provide good governance to the state.
Earlier in


, Modi came down hard on the justdissolved Congress government of V Narayanasamy, stating that its priorities were misplaced and it was busy serving the Congress high command in Delhi, disappointing the people and shattering their dreams and hopes.
At the Coimbatore rally, Modi said the NDA seeks to provide good governance, whereas the opposition was known for mis-governance riddled with corruption. “For the opposition what matters is personal gains. They want to grab power to fill their pockets,” Modi said.
Flanked by senior BJP leaders

Pon Radhakrishnan

, C P Radhakrishnan,

Vanathi Srinivasan

, L Ganesan and state BJP chief L Murugan, the Prime Minister took a jibe at DMK and Congress’s style of functioning. “Their leaders sit and discuss on how to loot. Their meetings are like corruption hackathons. Those who give more innovative ideas are given posts and ministry,” he said.
Attacking the DMK, Modi said the party’s style of politics is based on bullying and harassment. Whenever DMK comes to power they promote strongmen culture, and in every district, they have anti-social elements who trouble innocent citizens. He alleged that DMK men would go on extortion sprees from the public. “It’s the women who suffer because of this culture. Entire TN knows how DMK treated Amma Jayalalithaa,’’ Modi said in an apparent bid to woo the women.
Modi also took the opportunity to woo the farmers and small industrialists, highlighting that the Centre had taken a series of measures for the benefit of MSMEs and small farmers, who were ignored by the opposition parties. Modi also noted that the way the NDA government at the Centre and Tamil Nadu government worked is a classic example of cooperative federalism. He said people have sent a clear message in the past elections that they want development-oriented governance.

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