PM Modi address on 90th birth anniversary of Reverend Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan: Key points

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NEW DELHI: Prime Minister

Narendra Modi

on Saturday delivered the inaugural address at the 90th birth anniversary celebrations of Reverend Dr.

Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan

, through video conferencing. Several followers of

the Mar Thoma Church

from India and abroad took part in the programme.
Here are the key points:
* We have gathered to mark the special occasion of the 90th birthday of Most Revered Doctor

Joseph Mar Thoma

Metropolitan. I convey my greetings to him, and I wish him a long life and best health.
* Dr Joseph Mar Thoma has devoted his life for the betterment of our society and nation. He has been particularly passionate about the removal of poverty and women empowerment.
* The Mar Thoma Church is closely linked with the noble ideals of Saint Thomas, the Apostle of Lord Christ. India has always been open to spiritual influences from many sources.
* It is with this spirit of humility that the Mar Thoma Church has worked to bring a positive difference in the lives of our fellow Indians. They have done so in areas such as healthcare and education.
* The world is fighting a strong battle against a global pandemic. COVID-19 is not only a physical sickness that is a threat to the lives of people. It also takes our attention to unhealthy lifestyles.
* You would be happy to know that powered by our Corona warriors, India is firmly fighting COVID-19. Earlier this year, some people had predicted that the impact of the virus in India would be very severe.
* In the last few weeks, the Government of India has addressed both short-term and long-term issues relating to the economy. From the sea to space, from the farms to the factories, people-friendly and growth-friendly decisions have been taken.
* We want to ensure better technology, infrastructure and making value chains stronger. I am confident my fishermen sisters and brothers in Kerala will gain from this scheme.

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