PM: Despite local constraints, India sent doses to 80 countries

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NEW DELHI: India will continue to share its experiences, expertise and also resources with entire humanity in the fight against the pandemic as while we may be used to having ‘plan A’ and ‘plan B’ but there is no Planet B and only Planet Earth, PM

Narendra Modi

said on Tuesday.
The PM emphasised that global systems should adapt themselves, in order to address the underlying causes and not just the symptoms, as the world was passing through a watershed moment in human history in the backdrop of the damages caused by Covid-19.
Addressing the inaugural session of Raisina Dialogue 2021,


said despite many constraints, India had supplied vaccines to over 80 countries, in what also seemed a response to domestic criticism that India has not provided enough vaccines for its


“We know that the supplies have been modest. We know that the demands are huge. We know that it will be a long time before the entire humanity can be vaccinated. At the same time, we also know that hope matters. It matters as much to the citizens of the richest countries as it does to the less fortunate,” said Modi.
The PM said while trying to protect its own 1.3 billion citizens from the pandemic, India had also sought to support the pandemic response efforts of others.
“In our neighborhood, we have encouraged our coordinated regional response to the crisis. Last year, we shared medicines and protective equipment with over 150 countries. We understand fully, that mankind will not defeat the pandemic unless all of us, everywhere, regardless of the colour of our passports, come out of it,” said Modi.
Participating in a panel discussion on the first day, foreign minister

S Jaishankar

said there was a need for ensuring

equitable access

to coronavirus vaccines across the world as no one will be safe till everyone is safe and access can be ensured by ramping up production, including in countries like India. Jaishankar said India had been able to manufacture Covid-19 vaccine because of international cooperation. At the same time, there was nothing unusual in the tendency by countries across the globe to look at their own requirements, the minister said, and added that there was a need for a larger approach in dealing with the matter considering the difficulties being faced by smaller countries.
Underlining that in diplomacy today, doing good is being smart, the minister said “vaccine maitri” reflects the larger outlook of “Vaisudhaiva Kutumbakam” (world is one family), asserting that health security is now integral to national security.
“I think equitable access (to vaccines) is critically important in this. Because we all know that no one will be safe till everyone is safe,” Jaishankar said when asked to comment on the global approach in dealing with the crisis.

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