Pitru Paksha 2020: Know How 'Tarpan' Is Done During 'Shradh'

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 Know How 'Tarpan' Is Done During 'Shradh'

Pitru Paksha 2020: People doing the ritual of 'tarpan' in Varanasi

Pitru Pkasha Shradh 2020: 'Pitru Paksha' can be described as the fortnight of remembering and paying homage to parents who are no more and ancestors. It is a 16-day period, also called 'Shradh', observed by Hindus every year. 'Shradh' or 'Shraddha' literally means an act of performing anything with great sincerity and respect. It is a way of expressing heartfelt gratitude towards parents and ancestors.

How is Tarpan done: 'Tarpan' is a ritual of offering prayers to ancestors. The first offering is dedicated to the Gods and this is done facing east. 'Tarpan' for ancestors are done facing south. The ritual is traditionally done on the banks of the Ganga or any water body that is in the locality. The person who does the ritual chants 'mantras' guided by the priest. Small balls made of cooked rice, milk, honey, ghee and black sesame seeds are offered as food to the ancestors. This is called 'Pind Pradana'. The ritual is performed with great reverence naming the ancestors and parents who have died. Many, who are not able to do 'Tarpan' on each of the 16 days, do it once on 'Mahalaya' also known as 'Pitru Amavasya' - the last day of 'Shradh'. 


Pitru Paksha Shradh 2020: Day and dates

1st September: Purnima Shradh
2nd September: Pratipada Shradh
3rd September: Dwitiya Shradh
5th September: Tritiya Shradh
6th September: Chaturthi Shradh
7th September: Panchami Shradh
8th September: Shashthi Shradh
9th September: Saptami Shradh
10th September: Ashtami Shradh
11th September: Navami Shradh
12th September: Dashami Shradh
13th September: Ekadashi Shradh
14th September: Dwadashi Shradh
15th September: Trayodashi Shradh
16th September: Chaturdashi Shradh
17th September: Amavasya Shradh

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