Parvez Jamasji, 1971 war hero, passes away in Mumbai

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MUMBAI: Squadron Leader (retired)

Parvez Jamasji

, who flew sorties into

East Pakistan

during the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War and received a bullet wound on his leg, passed away at his Dadar residence in Mumbai on Friday.
Jamasji,78, received the Vir Chakra for his bravery after the war. The


government too feted him with Gaurav Puraskar.
In October 1971, Jamasji was stationed in Dimagiri on the border of Mizoram and then East Pakistan. He transported hundreds of soldiers of the Special Frontier Forces into enemy territory in a MI-4 Russian helicopter. “These were covert operations three months before the war commenced,” he told TOI in an interview in 2012.
He would fly low to evade Pakistani radars, and his chopper frequently came under mortar and anti-aircraft fire. Once on his way back after a mission, a hail of bullets hit the chopper’s rotor and fuselage. But Jamasji managed to pilot his chopper safely into India and land. It was only after he removed his flying suit that he discovered blood on his left leg — a bullet had passed through it.
His funeral was held at the Towers of Silence at

Malabar Hill

on Friday evening.

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