Parental-side kin can inherit property of Hindu widow: SC

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Supreme Court

has said family members on the

parental side

of a Hindu widow can’t be held to be ‘strangers’ and her


can devolve upon them under the

Hindu Succession Act

Referring to Section 15(1)(d) of the Act, a bench of Justices

Ashok Bhushan

and R Subhash Reddy said the


of the


of a Hindu woman are covered under persons entitled to succession of property. “A perusal of the Section indicates that heirs of the father are covered in the heirs (of the property), who could succeed. When heirs of father of a female are included as person who can possibly succeed, it can’t be held that they are strangers and not the members of the family qua the female,” the bench said.
Section 15 says the property of a female Hindu dying intestate (not having made a will) shall devolve according to the rules set out in Section 16 — (a) firstly, upon the sons and daughters (including the kids of any predeceased son or daughter) and the husband; (b) upon the heirs of the husband; (c) upon the mother and father; (d) upon the heirs of the father; and (e) lastly, upon the heirs of the mother.”
The court upheld the order of HC and trial court which allowed a childless widow to enter into a family settlement in favour of her brothers’ son. In this case, the woman named Jagno became the absolute owner after her husband’s death . She entered into a family settlement and settled the property in favour of her brothers’ sons. Her husband’s brother’s kids challenged the transfer.

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