Owner of car laden with explosives abandoned near Mukesh Ambani's residence identified

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MUMBAI: The car with explosives found abandoned near the residence of industrialist

Mukesh Ambani

's on Thursday had been stolen and its real owner has been identified, said

Mumbai Police

of Friday.
"The car was stolen from Mumbai's Vikroli area some time ago. Police managed to identify its real owner despite the damage on its chassis number," police told ANI.
However, the suspect who parked the car near Ambani's house was seen in


footage but has not been identified as he was wearing a face mask and his head was covered by a hoodie.
Mumbai Police PRO S Chaitanyas said: "Some amount of


was found in the vehicle. The vehicle was seized by the Police. Offence registered under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Court and Explosive Substances Act. A letter was found in the vehicle but as the investigation is in the preliminary stage, we cannot share the contents."
Police said that they have obtained CCTV footage from multiple locations where the car passed in Mumbai. They also said that the gelatin which was found in the car was not military-grade but commercial-grade which is generally used in construction-related digging.
Meanwhile, politics erupted after the incident took place yesterday with

Bharatiya Janata Party

leader Kirit Somaiya targeting chief minister

Uddhav Thackrey

"The manner in which the car was found shows a miserable failure of Mumbai police that how such vehicles found left in such an important area of the city. Thackrey is using Mumbai Police politically, he should stop the abuse," Somaiya said.

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