Over 50 lakh employed in MGNREGS, Rajasthan clinches top spot in country

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Rajasthan is at the top spot in the country in labour engagement under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS) which has gone up to 50 lakh per day, deputy chief minister Sachin Pilot said on Monday.

There are around 13 lakh migrant workers among 50 lakh people employed under the welfare scheme, Pilot said.

The minister said the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in a loss of livelihoods for lakhs and MGNREGS came as a crucial financial support to people in rural areas of Rajasthan.

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He said in April, there were only 62,000 labour employed under MGNREGS in the state. But due to the effort of the department, the labour engagement has gone up to more than 50.20 lakh as on June 8.

Pilot, who is also the minister for Panchayati Raj and rural development in the state, said the maximum engagement is in Bhilwara district where over 4.11 lakh labourers are employed. This is followed by Dungarpur district with 3.55 lakh workers, Banswara with 3.5 lakh and Ajmer with 2.67 lakh labourers employed under MGNREGS.

He said of the 13 lakh migrants who are employed under the scheme, 11.5 lakhs already had job cards while 1.75 lakh migrants have been issued new job cards.

“MGNREGS employed lakhs of migrant labourers who have returned to Rajasthan from different states due to the lockdown. It has helped them to tide over a financial crisis,” Pilot said.

The minister added that all Covid-19 guidelines and protocols are being followed at MGNREGS worksites to ensure the safety of workers.

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