Our Place Sale: Save Up to $60 Off The Best-Selling Always Pan Bundles

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The cookware startup that brought us the all-in-one skillet and Internet sensation Always Pan has put a few of their best-selling items on sale right now, which means if you've been eyeing the cult-favorite pan but haven’t been able to bring yourself to make the purchase, now is the time. If you missed their Labor Day sale, there's still a chance to score the Always Pan or Perfect Pot at a fraction of the cost.

While the Always Pan acts as a fry pan, sauté pan, skillet, and more, the Spruce Steamer expands upon its capabilities, ideal for cheffing up everything from perfectly-cooked fish to never-mushy vegetables. It slots right into the Always Pan, sitting snugly on top of the spatula and sealing in steam. 

Our Place also just dropped its first major launch since debuting the best-selling pan, expanding their line-up of kitchen essentials with the Knife Trio and Walnut Cutting Board. 

Like a basic white tee you can style a million different ways, you can cover all your slicing needs with just three knives. The trio includes the Everyday Chef’s Knife ($70) for sturdy chopping and all-the-time use, a Serrated Slicing Knife ($60) for anything soft and squishy or hard and crusty, and the Precise Paring Knife ($40) for those tinier but very important tasks. Each knife comes in shades of the brand's iconic colors to complement your Always Pan and dinnerware — you'll want to complete your set ASAP because waitlists are notoriously long.

All the knives are made from premium German steel for easier cuts and feature a handle with a grooved guided grip to show you where to hold each knife, according to Our Place. The new cutting board, which is made from an American black walnut wood, comes equipped with a genius "juice trench" that keeps messes to a minimum by preventing spilling while chopping. With a completely flat second side that was beautifully designed to double as a serving board, the cutting board makes a great gift option.

For shoppers on a budget, and with limited storage space, less-is-more. So, what are you waiting for? Shop all three knives now and save $25 or get the Fully Prepped Bundle with the three knives and the cutting board and save $35. And once you've added your favorite color to the cart, throw some other pieces from Our Place in there while you're at it.

Shop below for all of items on sale from Our Place. 

Home Cook Duo

Our Place

Score the Perfect Pot and Always Pan Bundle for $60 off.

$250 (REGULARLY $310)

Our Place Dinner for 4

Our Place

With this Our Place bundle, you have everything you need for a family dinner.

$250 (REGULARLY $290)

Our Place Knife Trio

Our Place

Cover all your slicing needs with just three knives: Everyday Chef’s Knife, Serrated Slicing Knife and Precise Paring Knife. 

$145 (REGULARLY $170)

Our Place Fully Prepped Bundle

Our Place

The Knife Trio plus a Walnut Cutting Board - everything you need to make prepping easier and more joyful.

$230 (REGULARLY $265)

Shop below for all of ET's picks from Our Place. 

Our Place Always Pan

Our Place

Designed to replace your fry pan, saute pan, steamer, skillet, saucier, saucepan, non-stick pan, spatula, and spoon rest. This perfect-sized essential pan is sure to have you chef up just about anything in one pan.


Spruce Steamer

Our Place

Never have mushy food in this Spruce Steamer from Our Place. Get a set of bamboo chopsticks and 15 paper lines with your purchase.


Everyday Chef's Knife

Our Place

Say hello to super controlled cuts from this new do-it-all knife. 


Our Place Serrated Slicing Knife

Our Place

A handy sidekick for smoothly slicing through anything soft and squishy or hard and crusty. 


Our Place Precise Paring Knife

Our Place

See that little step on the handle? It guides you to hold your knife like a pro. 


Walnut Cutting Board

Our Place

A versatile, no-mess cutting board that captures all the juices while you slice and dice. 


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