Onus of de-escalation on India, says Chinese ambassador

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Chinese ambassador Sun Weidong

said on Thursday that the onus of de-escalation is not on China even as he said mutual understanding was the way forward in dealing with the current military stand-off. “Onus is not on #China. We are willing & able to properly manage differences. Mutual respect&support is sure way. Suspicion & friction is wrong path. Will jointly uphold peace & stability in border areas, ensure sound & steady relations,” he tweeted.
In an interview to PTI, Sun said, “The

Indian side

crossed the LAC for provocation and attacked the

Chinese troops

. The Indian forces seriously violated agreements on border issues between the two countries.” However, he added that India and China are able to properly manage their differences. “I hope the Indian side meets the Chinese side halfway, avoids taking actions that may complicate the border situation and takes concrete actions to maintain stability in the border areas,” he said.

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