OnePlus users are angry after they were forced to install OnePlus Buds app

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phone users have taken to Google Play store review to express their displeasure and anger after they were forcefully made to download the new

OnePlus Buds app

. OnePlus has launched its first truly wireless earbuds and this is the companion app. Users of older OnePlus phones like OnePlus 6, 7, 7T were unhappy to see

the OnePlus EarBuds

app on their phone as they do not own the new OnePlus earbuds.
“I do not have interest in buying OnePlus Buds, yet I'm given this app that I cannot uninstall, or disable. For awhile OnePlus was heralded for bloat-free software, but after Netflix, Facebook, now this? There's clearly a shift of strategy that I do not agree with, and many others don't as well. I hope you listen, I hope you listen to us, your customers. But if that doesn't happen, I'll just jump ship,” wrote a user as his review of the OnePlus EarBuds app on Google Play.

Many users were also unhappy by the way OnePlus installed the app. The app got installed in the background as part of an update and users had no control over it.
So what does this app do? As per the description, “The interaction between OnePlus smartphones and true wireless headset is tied with several system settings. To ensure a seamless experience, OnePlus pre-installed the OnePlus Pods app (now renamed it to “OnePlus Buds”) in the latest stable updates for OnePlus 6 and above devices.”
While this app may make sense for someone who has purchased the OnePlus Buds, this is of no use for people who use a OnePlus phone but do not have the new earbuds.
While most smart accessories like


and earbuds come along with a companion app, most brands allow people to install the app separately and not force it. Also, even if the app comes pre-installed, users are allowed to delete it. For example, Apple allows users to uninstall the Watch app on iPhone.

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