OnePlus may bring tilt-shift, moon mode, focus peaking and other camera features soon

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may soon bring new camera features to its Camera app. As reported by XDA Developers, a new app version 6.4.23 has been spotted in the latest Oxygen OS update.
The app version contains new assets, strings, and code hinting at new camera features. While these features are not live on current OnePlus smartphones, it is likely that they may come with future

OnePlus phones

To recall, the company recently rolled out Open Beta




11 update for its

OnePlus 7


OnePlus 7T

One of the features spotted in

OnePlus Camera

app version 6.4.23 is the tilt-shift mode. It is a photography technique to make scenes appear smaller than they actually are.
Another upcoming feature is the Starburst mode. Using this mode, users will be able to capture photos of any light source, say the Sun, as a radiating star rather than a dot.
To help users click better night sky photos, OnePlus is bringing a dedicated Moon mode to its Camera app. Focus Peaking feature, on the other hand, will highlight any in-focus areas in the viewfinder.
Lastly, the company will add the Hyperlapse feature to the OnePlus Camera app.

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