OIL new project near well on fire has the same risk of blowout

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GUWAHATI: The risk assessment report of Oil India Limited’s (OIL) has listed three major hazards, which include “blowout leading to uncontrolled well flow,

jet fires

, pool fires” attached to its newly approved project to drill at seven


in the vicinity of its well on fire at Baghjan in


The oil major submitted this risk assessment while applying for environmental clearance from the ministry of environment, forest and climate control for the project. The company was cleared to implement the project at the seven locations under Dibru-Saikhowa National Park Area, northwest of Baghjan PML (petroleum mining lease) under Tinsukia District,” on May 11.
“Taking into account the applicability of different risk aspects in context of the exploratory drilling operations to be undertaken in the identified well locations, there are three

major categories

of hazards that can be associated with the proposed project that has been dealt with in detail. This includes—blowouts leading to uncontrolled well flow, jet fires, pool fires, non-process fires / explosions, the release of a dangerous substance or any other event resulting from a work activity which could result in death or serious injury to people within the site, any event which may result in major damage to the structure of the rig,” the assessment report states.
But, OIL claimed in its report that the after the calculation of the


frequency for the proposed project, the likelihood of blowout occurrence is “Occasional/Rare”
The oil major’s assessment report adds, “…it is understood that, causative factors and mitigation measures for such events can be adequately taken care of through existing safety management procedures and practices of OIL.”
The report said that with the high risk perception associated with blowouts, a detailed analysis of consequences was undertaken and consequences of such accidental events on the physical, biological and socio-economic environment have been studied to evaluate the potential of the identified hazards.
This project at a cost of Rs 300 crore and OIL has earmarked Rs 0.2618 crore per annum for environmental pollution control measures. OPIL has submitted to the ministry that the project will lead to employment for 50 persons directly and 50 persons indirectly.
OIL has also submitted that DibruSaikhowa National Park and Bherjan Segment of Bherjan Borjan Podumoni Wildlife Sanctuary is within 10 km of the well locations and Dangori River is flowing at a distance of 0.9 km in east-west direction.

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