NSCN-IM slams Nagaland governor Ravi, seeks his removal as peace talks interlocutor

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NEW DELHI: The NSCN-IM on Tuesday accused

Nagaland governor

and interlocutor for talks R N Ravi of putting the two-decades-old Naga peace process in a state of “simmering tension” and undermining their political struggle by labelling Naga groups groups as “armed gangs”. The group has demanded that Ravi be replaced as interlocutor by the


“All the hard work of 23 years of political talks having passed through six successive prime ministers is coming to a nauseating end because of the mischief that keeps boiling in the hands of this interlocutor, who has become more a liability than anything,” the group said in a statement. It demanded that the central government appoint a new interlocutor to carry forward the peace negotiations.
The NSCN-IM leadership is currently in Delhi and has held two rounds of official-level discussions in the last few days.
The NSCN-IM alleged the Ravi’s “misdoings” had created a “simmering tension” among parties to the Naga peace process and the situation was now reaching a tipping point, “all because of RN Ravi’s vitriolic attack on Naga issue, the very issue he was assigned by Prime Minister

Narendra Modi

to negotiate on his behalf to bring solution that is honourable and acceptable”.
Referring to the 2015 Framework of Agreement, which was signed by the NSCN-IM leadership and Ravi in the presence of the prime minister, the group said the pact was the fruition of the recognition of the unique history and situation of the Naga by the government of India and the basis for final settlement of the Naga issue.
"Catastrophic as it is, the framework of agreement is now undergoing castration at the hands of the very person who co-authored it with NSCN Chairman (Late) Isak Chishi Swu and NSCN General Secretary Th. Muivah," it said.
The NSCN-IM said the issue is now in the court of the government of India that should come out with an undertaking that the framework of agreement is still alive in its original form and shall be handled by somebody other than Ravi.
The group said the sanctity of the Naga political legitimacy comes under assault when Ravi made a tumultuous turn using slanderous terms like “armed gangs” and “underground groups” against the very groups he has been talking to for years.
The NSCN-IM said the tipping point comes when he ordered the


government to issue office memorandum requiring all state government employees to self-declare their relations with the “Naga underground groups”.
“This is the bone of contention that has cropped up as Naga people cried foul over such outmoded policy that does no longer fit into the present scheme of things to end a century-old Naga political issue,” it said.
NSCN said it’s negotiating team cannot forget the unethical deadline given by Ravi to sign the Naga agreement on or before October 31, 2019. “Taking unilateral decision on the timeline is never a part of the negotiation that has travail more than 23 years. Sanctity of the talk must never be sidelined,” it noted.
Terming Ravi as a “person with divisive mentality”, NSCN said he took the unilateral decision to deviate from what was started by the pioneers of the 2nd Indo-Naga Ceasefire that has taken the peace process this far. “From nowhere Ravi created NNPGs as third party/force against the bilateral talk of the GoI and the NSCN. Ravi used to harp on that issue is one, so there will be one solution. But he signed separate agreement with NNPGs and later used this group to counterweigh the NSCN,” it alleged.

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