No turf war among judiciary, legislature and executive: Kiren Rijiju

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Union minister for law and justice Kiren Rijiju

GANDHINAGAR: Union minister for law and justice Kiren Rijiju said there was no turf war between the executive, legislature and judiciary and that all three are working in the interest of the nation. Rijiju was inaugurating the School of Law, Forensic Justice and Policy Studies at Gujarat Forensic Sciences University on Sunday.
“The judiciary, executive and legislature are different organs but all are working for the country. People outside feel there is a turf war. That is not true,” said the union minister. “When I became the law minister, I told the chief justice that whenever he needed me, I would always be there in the service of judges and the judiciary,” said Rijiju.
“I am happy so many judges are present here. At times, when we face difficulties and cannot get things done politically, we place judges at the forefront. When judges are at the forefront, things get done fast,” he said.
“In a democracy, it is important for us to have a lively relation amongst us (the judiciary, executive and legislature),” he added. Rijiju said the impression that laws are not being implemented has been removed to a large extent under the Modi government.


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