No risk of blood clotting from Covishield, says Niti’s Paul

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NEW DELHI: There is no risk of


or blood clotting due to use of



Niti Aayog

member-health Dr

V K Paul

said on Wednesday and urged people to get vaccinated without any fear.
This comes in the wake of concerns about possible adverse events in people vaccinated with Covishield, a vaccine developed by

Oxford University

and AstraZeneca.
“The Indian product Covishield has not been associated with any incidents of thrombosis,” Paul said. “There is no signal whatsoever for this concern. Covishield is safe, please proceed with its scale-up and uptake. We want to assure that there is no risk of blood clotting-related complications that were suspected in some nations with Covishield,” he added.
The Niti Aayog official emphasised that both vaccines — Covishield and


— currently in use in India were effective against the Brazilian and UK strains.

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