No decision on fresh lockdown, says Maharashtra CM

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Mumbai: Amid speculation about the Maharashtra government imposing a fresh Covid-19 lockdown following a spike in infections, chief minister Uddhav Thackeray clarified on Friday no such decision has been made by his government.

He appealed to the people to strictly follow existing Covid-19-related restrictions to keep the spread of the Coronavirus in check.

As messages made the rounds of social media platforms about the state government planning to impose a fresh lockdown from next week, there was confusion and fear among citizens.

Responding to these concerns, Thackeray’s office issued a statement on Friday morning that made it clear no such decision had been made by the state government.

“There are rumours being spread through social media and reports on some channels that the state government has taken a decision to impose lockdown by shutting down all the shops and commercial establishments. We have not taken any such decision,” the statement said.

“Any such reports create confusion among the people. Spreading such false news is violation of the law and should not be transmitted without confirmation.”

Thackeray had on Wednesday said that though there was no decision on a fresh lockdown, the authorities may be forced to impose one if people don’t follow Covid-19-related restrictions.

He had said, “The threat of Covid-19 has not passed, it still persists. As we continue to battle the pandemic, we cannot put the brakes on the wheels of the economy. We were shocked looking at the crowd on the first day.

“Outdoor physical activities are permitted for your good health and not to spoil it. People will have to keep physical distance. The government is evaluating the situation. If we feel that the lifting of lockdown is life-threatening, then we will be forced to impose the lockdown again.”

Thackeray, in his statement on Friday, said citizens shouldn’t take undue advantage of the easing of curbs by the government.

“Lifting of the lockdown norms does not mean people are allowed to step out, leading to crowding at public places [that] could prove hazardous for health. Maintaining social distancing, masking the face and sanitisation at regular intervals should be adopted now as part of the lifestyle,” he said, adding everybody should follow self-discipline for their own health and that of their loved ones.

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