News updates from Hindustan Times at 9am: Commercial demand for dairy products dips...

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Milk turns sour as sales tank in season of glut

Households consumed more milk, cheese and yogurt during the lockdown, raising sales by up to25% in large dairies, such as Amul. But that has not been enough to offset the sharp decline in demand from commercial buyers, such as hotels, confectioners and restaurants, which account for nearly 20% of the organised dairy sector’s revenues. Read more.

Amid row, Nepal plans increase in border posts

Nepal plans to increase the number of its border outposts (BoPs) along the boundary with India by 100, from the existing 121 to 221 in the next year, in a move that, while it has been in the works for some time, comes at a time when friction between the two countries is high over a new map approved by the Himalayan country’s parliament that lays claim to territory that has always been with India. Read more.

Centre wants states to focus on keeping Covid-19 fatality rates low

The Narendra Modi government wants states that are seeing a large number of Covid-19 cases not to lose sight of the main objective in the rush of numbers -- keeping the death rate, or the case fatality rate low. Read more.

Vivek Oberoi shares details of Sushant Singh Rajput’s funeral, calls it a ‘wake-up call’ for film industry

Vivek Oberoi has shared heartbreaking details of late actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s funeral, whose last rites were performed on Sunday in the presence of his immediate family members and a few friends. Vivek penned a note about how “the pain in his father’s eyes was unbearable” and added that the film industry needs to become a better place where “talent is nurtured and not crushed”. Read more.

‘Unrealistic, very, very difficult’: Cricket Australia boss on staging T20I World Cup this year

Cricket Australia chairman Earl Eddingson Tuesday told reporters that it would be ‘unrealistic’ to hold the T20I World Cup this year due to the ongoing global pandemic. Speaking to reporters, Eddings said: “While it hasn’t been formally called off this year, or postponed, trying to get 16 countries into Australia in the current world, where most countries are still going through COVID spiking, I think it’s unrealistic, or it’s going to be very, very difficult.” Read more.

JBL enters Indian gaming market with seven ‘Quantum’ headphones, price starts at ₹2,500

Most of us are aware of the brand JBL, which is better known for its speakers. While the Harman subsidiary has left quite a mark in the audio peripherals industry in India, it has not lately not tried something new, something like entering a new market. So that’s what it is doing today. Read more.

Life Hacks: How to work through failure

Almost everyone I know has a despondent narrative to share — about pay cuts, furloughs, their jobs being on the line. This isn’t what life looked just 90-odd days ago. As the ground below our feet continues to quake, how do we plan for the future? Read more.

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