New VVIP aircraft arrives in India

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of the skies for the Indian president, V-P and PM flew into the country on Thursday from Boeing Defence Base in Texas. The Boeing 777, with state-of-the-art communication and defence systems, is likely to operate its first VVIP flight next month. A replica of this aircraft will also fly home in a few days.
For more than 25 years,

Air India Boeing

747s have flown dignitaries across the world as “AI One”. Four AI pilots flew the B777 nonstop from Fort Worth, Texas to Delhi, covering a distance of about 13,000 km in just over 15 hours. It touched down at IGI Airport at 3.11 pm IST. AI has deployed 10 to 15 of its most experienced B777 pilots for operating the two VVIP aircraft, which cost about Rs 8,500 crore. While it is not yet certain what the new aircraft will be called, sources said “India One is a likely name”.

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