New Google Maps tools allows users to create modify and incorporate real-world maps into their games

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Google Maps platform is finally available for game developers, allowing them to use maps data to build real-wo...Read More

Google Maps platform

is finally available for

game developers

, allowing them to use maps data to build real-world games like Pokemon GO. The mapping platform lets developers use Google Maps data to modify real-world maps and use it in their games to let players explore into the modified world and surroundings.
Back in March 2018, Google announced that it is opening up its mapping platform to help developers. However, back then, it was only available for a limited number of studios and groups and till date only ten games utilise the platform in its gameplay.
According to a recent blog post by Google, the company has mentioned that several independent developers and studios are interested in the platform to build real-world games on it. Google is working to build scalable infrastructure that would extend access to all developers and allow them to sign up and quickly get started online.
To further make things easier for developers, Google is also offering developers a software development kit for Unity game engine.
According to the blog post posted by the company, the Google Maps platform gives developers the flexibility to bring the real-world into the game or take their game into the real-world. The software tool lets developers create and customise real-world locations and use it in the game. Apart from this, Google has also added some features like

Mixed Zoom

and Pathfinding to improve the gaming experience for the players.
For now, there are only 10 games that utilise the maps platform for their games, however, with Google’s new move, we can expect to see more real-world games like Pokemon GO in coming years.

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