Mountaineering schools to start online theory classes

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The Nehru Institute of Mountaineering

(NIM) in


, one of India’s premier mountaineering institutes, will start offering digital classes next month.

The Himalayan Mountaineering Institute

— India’s oldest mountaineering institution set up in 1954 in Darjeeling — also has similar plans.
The online courses include theoretical lessons on mountaineering. They consist of map-reading, dietary and

survival tips

, other dos and don’ts, first-aid training, history and ethics of mountaineering, types of peaks, risk factors and lessons on team spirit.
At NIM, 600 students in multiple batches will start their online training in July. The batches include students whose classes were disrupted in March due to lockdown and those who were supposed to join sessions in July.
Colonel Amit Bisht, principal of NIM, told TOI, “We have planned online theory classes for all regular courses that we run such as basic, advance, search and rescue and adventure. These courses last up to 28 days, including both theory and field training.” Bisht said the decision to hold online classes was made to ensure future batches don’t get postponed. “After taking part in week-long online classes, each batch will be allowed to start field training as soon as the institution becomes fully operational,” he said.
Indian mountaineer Bachendri Pal told TOI: “Twenty instructors have so far attended online classes where they learned leadership skills, and technical training.”
Some institutes have, however, questioned the rationale for online classes.

Jawed Ahmed Lone

, in charge of training at

Jawahar Institute of Mountaineering

, J&K, said, “In online classes, it’s hard to tell whether students are being attentive and these may be theoretical lessons but they are crucial for survival when someone is at 20,000 feet.”

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