Monsoon arrives over NW India, may reach Delhi early

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New Delhi: Monsoon has advanced into parts of north-western India on Tuesday, according to the India Meteorological Department (IMD) authorities.

It has covered many parts of eastern Uttar Pradesh (UP), western and eastern Madhya Pradesh (MP), they added.

IMD scientists are also expecting monsoon to arrive in the national capital, Delhi, earlier than normal, but they will confirm depending on how favourable conditions are for its advancement in the next four to five days.

“It will be humid and hot with maximum temperature ranging from 40 to 43 degrees Celsius in most parts of north-western India, including Delhi, but there will be no heatwave condition. We are expecting the monsoon to pick up again from Friday due to the formation of a low-pressure system and advance towards western UP, it could even reach up to Noida around Friday or Saturday. But we cannot say if the onset of monsoon can be announced immediately,” said Kuldeep Shrivastava, head, regional weather forecasting centre (RWFC).

The normal date for the onset of monsoon over Delhi is June 27.

The northern limit of monsoon (northernmost boundary up to which monsoon rains have advanced) is passing through Kandla, and Ahmedabad in Gujarat; Indore, Raisen, and Khajuraho in MP and Fatehpur, and Bahraich in UP.

Monsoon has reached UP at least four to five days in advance, as compared to its normal track.

“Monsoon has advanced well so far with help from a low-pressure area, which developed over the Bay of Bengal last week. The low-pressure system had moved inland from the Odisha coast and helped it advance bringing a lot of rain. Another low-pressure system is likely to develop over the north of the Bay of Bengal on Friday. These low-pressure systems move west by north-westwards. If it does develop, it will strengthen the monsoon and help it advance further,” said K Sathi Devi, head, national weather forecasting centre (NWFC).

The low-pressure system, which had helped the monsoon flow advance all of next week, has weakened. There is unlikely to be any rain in the north-western parts of the country in the next three days, according to IMD.

A cyclonic circulation is lying over eastern UP and a trough runs from north-western Rajasthan to the cyclonic circulation over eastern UP across southern Haryana and western UP.

Under the influence of these two systems, heavy to very heavy rainfall is likely in Konkan, Goa, and over central Maharashtra during the next two days.

Rainfall intensity over eastern parts of the country is likely to increase and heavy to very rainfall is likely over the region, including sub-Himalayan West Bengal and Sikkim, in the next two days.

There will be widespread rain over Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura, and Mizoram during the next five days, according to IMD’s bulletin on Tuesday.

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