Modi-govt abstaining from UN resolution exposes BJP has no love for Tamils: Owaisi

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HYDERABAD: AIMIM president and Hyderabad MP

Asaduddin Owaisi

on Tuesday charged the Narendra Modi-led

BJP government

of not having any love for the Tamils.
This fact was exposed after the Modi-government abstained from a resolution moved in the United Nations Human Rights Commission against the Sri Lanka government for torturing the Tamils in the country, he said.
Addressing a public meeting in Roundana at Newpet Krishnagiri in

Tamil Nadu

, where AIMIM is contesting three Assembly constituencies in alliance with Dinakaran-led AMMK, Owaisi said neither AIADMK nor BJP have any love or concern for Tamils.
“The Modi-government should have supported the resolution as humanity demands for it. But the BJP-government supported the new Sri Lankan government as it wants the northern terminal contract to be given to Modi’s close aides,” Owaisi alleged.
Owaisi said AIADMK and BJP chiefs in Tamil Nadu should explain to the people why they have taken a stand against Tamils in Sri Lanka. Owaisi did not spare even DMK and said Stalin should answer why he is going along with Congress which is supporting

Shiv Sena



, a party which takes pride in demolition of Babri masjid.
Stating that Tamil Nadu has always seen rivalry between two parties AIADMK and DMK, he said for the first time a third alternative under the leadership of Dinakaran has come up.
“I am confident that the political vacuum in Tamil Nadu will be filled up by Dinakaran-alliance,” he said and appealed to the people to use this as an historic opportunity to vote for the third alliance.
“The beauty of India is in its diversity and pluralism but BJP is out to wipe it out. Lessons on Mughal empire,

Mahatma Gandhi

and Sardar Patel are being removed or cut to size in the syllabi. When Ramayan and Maha Bharat can be taught in National Open Schools, why not Quran, Bible, Bhagavad Gita and Guru Granth Sahib,” he asked.

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