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If there is one thing that most of us indulged in during the lockdown, it was self-care. Taking care of our skin, hair, working out and trying everything that made us happy and a better version of ourselves, we did it. Shahid Kapoor’s wife Mira Rajput has also been sharing a lot of content on her social media that talks about holistic living and ways of improving our lifestyle .

From Yoga to clean eating, nutrition and sustainability, there are a lot of things that Mira talked about with her followers during the lockdown and she is still doing it. Her latest post is all about skincare. It is not just your regular skincare video with market bought products, but it is a Do It Yourself (DIY) clip that consists of all the products already available in your kitchen.

The clip that is captioned, “DIY Skincare. Here are my favourite packs and potions that you can prepare yourself #GetTheGlow (sic),” shows the mother-of-two dressed in a stunning rose-pink full-sleeved top. She teamed the turtle neck top with a pair of black lowers. For the video, Mira accessorised her outfit with a pair of drop earrings and left her side-parted hair down.

In the Instagram post, Mira also told her followers that she started making face packs with kitchen ingredients and taking care of her skin when she was 14. At the beginning of the video, she also gave a disclaimer that these face packs may not be as effective for the rest of the people but they work wonders for her. She also asked her followers to do a patch test on their skin before applying the masks as there might be a possibility of skin reactions.

Let’s check out the DIY recipes she spoke about:

1. Honey And Haldi Pack

Honey is natural humectant aka it preserves the moisture of the skin and haldi is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. According to Mira, this pack is great for zits and can be applied when your skin is not looking fresh. Mix a pinch of haldi with some honey and let it remain on your skin for 20 minutes.

2. Raw Milk

Raw milk is Mira and her mother’s go-to remedy for anything skin related. Be it a sunburn, uneven tan or dry skin, they use raw milk for it. In the morning take three tablespoons of raw milk and with the help of cotton, dab it on your face. Once it dries, repeat the process till you apply all the milk on your face. Mira also adds a little bit of rosewater to avoid the smell of the milk.

3. DIY Facial

Mira cuts a lemon and applies it on her face. Once she is done with it, she shifts to a homemade face mask which includes besan and dahi as the basic components. You can add whatever other ingredients you have in your home including orange peel, sandalwood, etc. Mix the ingredients and apply it on your skin, once it is semi-dried, she removes the mask. After that, Mira applies tomato juice on her face. After 10 minutes, she removes the juice and finally applies aloe vera which tones and tightens the skin.

4. DIY Oil For Hair

Mira adds 7-8 hibiscus leaves, curry leaves and methi seeds to coconut oil and boils it. Once it is cooled, she bottles it and applies whenever needed.

5. Hair Mask

For this, she boils half a cup of flax seeds in a pan of water and heats it till the water reduces and comes to a gel-like consistency. She passes it through a strainer and voila, your hair mask is ready. You can also use it as hair gel.

6. Mask For Zits

To get rid of zits, Mira steeps basil in water, once it is cooled, she dabs cotton in it and applies it on her zit. The zit temporarily settles and the redness also goes down for some time.

Which one of these have you tried before?

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