Mira Rajput Kapoor revealed her haircare routine and her go-to Ayurvedic products for glossy, thick hair

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In a series of videos on Instagram, Mira Rajput Kapoor shared her haircare journey and favourite products and tools with her fans this week. “I asked you what you wanted next, and 60 per cent of you wanted a video on haircare,” she shared. As celebrities have more time to spend at home, they have been connecting with their audience through sharing personal hacks, tips and tricks that they swear by. “This is what works for me. I have tried a bunch of things in the past and this is my current hair situation,” she confirmed. 

“My hair is wavy, and like most girls, I never liked my own hair”

Rajput Kapoor shared that she was going to talk about what her hair was like before she dove into discussing the products she used. “I have always had wavy hair, it tends to get frizzy in humidity. I was like I don't want to be Monica in that episode in the Bahamas [on the TV show Friends] with my hair like that." She shared that she was actually very nervous to move from Delhi to Mumbai because of all that moisture in the air, but shared that “fortunately Bombay water really suited" her hair. “My hair is wavy, and like most girls, I never liked my own hair. I always wanted to go against the grain and go against my hair type. I used to carry a hair straightener with me everywhere.” Rajput Kapoor mentioned that she was careful about oiling and caring for her hair even back then, especially because she knew how much she was damaging her hair strands with heat tools. But, she noticed that “the more damage you do to your hair, sooner or later, it catches up.”

“It was like this kid came and took all my hair”

Rajput Kapoor shared their pregnancy and delivery really changed her hair, calling it the “biggest change," she'd seen in her strands. “In my first pregnancy I had the hair of my dreams. I didn't know it would be possible to have that much hair on a person. Before, I had the thinnest ponytail because straightening had made it fall. I was just so thrilled. The best part is, I didn’t suffer from any post-partum hair loss. In fact, this hair that I was blessed with, that my dearest daughter gave to me, stayed. I was in heaven. I had a thick ponytail. I would get bouncy curls whenever I would get my hair done,” she confirmed. However, when she had her son Zain two years later, things were different. “Second time around, the hormones were different with a boy, I had thick wonderful mane of hair, but as soon as I delivered, it was like this kid came and took all my hair,” she shared, sharing she had bald spots towards her front of her scalp. “Till about 9-10 months ago, I was still suffering from post-partum hair loss. Then I realised it had definitely got to do with my diet and I changed that,” she shared. 

“Nothing is better than a good hair day”

“Earlier on, I was looking for products that would help it look like something else—that would be more conducive to heat styling, blow drying and straightening. Now I am looking for products that help it be in its natural state,” she said, sharing that her current haircare routine was really working for her and leaving her hair falling less and looking shinier and silkier. “You can feel when your hair is feeling better. Nothing is better than a good hair day."

For Rajput Kapoor, a pre-shampoo oil routine is important. “Before I wash my hair, I oil my hair with Kama Bhringadi Hair Oil. It is smelly, some of you may not like it. My husband hates the smell, so I have stopped sleeping with it at night,” she shared. But leaving oil in her hair overnight was giving her a stuffy nose, so she just oils the roots for two-three hours before a shower in the day itself. “I have recently include a new step, which is a hair mask," she said about the Forest Essentials Japapatti and Brahmi Hair Masque, which is to be applied to dry hair. “I apply the oil to the roots and the mask to the rest of my hair," sharing that her tresses felt like butter after use, especially because her coloured hair used to “feel like hay” before she began using it. 

Since Rajput Kapoor's scalp has been oily recently due to the high humidity, she confirmed that she's been using the Head & Shoulders Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, a drugstore shampoo that she couldn't believe works this well. “People who oil their hair often know that the worst thing to happen is that when you're done washing and drying, there's still oil. I just need to wash my hair once with this shampoo,” she shared. Since she uses the hair mask, conditioner may not be totally necessary, but she shared that she's using the Olaplex Conditioner for now. 

When it comes to drying her hair, Rajput Kapoor likes to keep it simple now. “I let my hair hair dry. I do a half pony with a clip. I like my baby hair to just dry nicely,” she shared, saying that she used the Dyson Air Wrap with the smooth brush to style her strands that day. Right at the end, she uses the Pahadi Local Akhrot ka Tel on the tips. “It absorbs very well. I am trying to avoid mineral oil when it comes to serums.”

“I get very irritated that my hair doesn't feel clean and washed after I've actually washed it.”

While Rajput Kapoor likes a home-made hair oil (she shouted out her hibiscus hair oil), she stays away from DIY hair packs now. “What I have noticed with natural hair packs—the ones you make in the kitchen—is that many a times they stick to your hair. I just find that a little icky. I get very irritated that my hair doesn't feel clean and washed after I've actually washed it." 

While she used a neem comb (my Ohria Ayurveda) or The Wet Brush to remove knots and comb her hair out, her latest baby hair hack is borrowed from husband Shahid Kapoor. “I found a beard brush in Shahid's beard trimmer box. I noticed that he used to use it for his beard and it would help it set. I decided to see how it would work for my baby hair because the hair is small and thin, and this really helps to tame the flyaways. Maybe this was a thing that people used to do before. I have actually found out about this by using it myself. It really does look after the baby hair,” she confirmed. 

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