Milind Deora’s tweet on ‘democracy’ sparks debate

11 months ago 44
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NEW DELHI: On the 45th anniversary of



Congress member Milind Deora

on Thursday tweeted on the taboo issue and linked the health of political organisations to

internal democracy

, raising surprise in many circles given the sensitivity of the two subjects for his


Deora wrote, “The Emergency reminds us that democracies, when tested, fight back resiliently. This also applies to political parties. Democratic organisations adapt better and overcome challenges. Democracy is a constant work in progress, requiring commitment, sacrifice and honest introspection.” The tweet triggered many interpretations given that Deora, who is also a former minister and close to

Rahul Gandhi

, is said to be unhappy with his position in the party.
However, according to sources close to Deora, the tweet had no political sub-text and was meant to just make the point about democracy.

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